France guest of honour

France is the guest of honour of 6th Warsaw. Book Fair.

Please note the long list of authors who will meet with readers at the National Stadium and varied programme of accompanying events at the Fair.

During the Fair, it will be impossible to miss the stand of France, designed in the art workshop of the famous Franco-Polish architect Stanisław Fiszer to represent a symbolical garden blooming with thousands of titles. Here, many attractions await adults and children alike. The hosts of this 300-square metre stand located in a well exposed part of the National Stadium Promenade (sector D11) will be the French Embassy and the French Institute in Warsaw along with its partner – BIEF (Bureau International de l'Édition Française) and strategic partners: Orange Foundation and Carrefour. France – stand no 86/D11 and 113/D11. Promenade, level (0).

Among the accompanying events planned for the Fair, we particularly recommend the New French Cinematography Review prepared for book enthusiasts by the French Institute in cooperation with Gutek Film. The best movies of the recent years, both known and unknown, will be displayed on 13–19 May in the Muranów cinema in Warsaw.

We also recommend Literary Evenings at the Polish Theatre.






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