Sebastià Alzamora

Sebastià Alzamora (Llucmajor, Mallorca, 1972), is the author of poetry books such as Rafel, Apoteosi del cercle, Mula morta, El benestar (awarded the Premi Jocs Florals de Barcelona, 2003) and La part visible (awarded the Premi Carles Riba, 2008).

His work of fiction includes L’extinció, Sara i Jeremies (awarded with the Premi Ciutat de Palma), La pell i la princesa (awarded with the Premi Josep Pla, 2005), La nit de l’ànima (2007), Miracle a Llucmajor (2010) and Dos amics de vint anys (2013). He is also the author of a non-fiction book on the Majorcan writer Gabriel Janer Manila, L’escriptura del foc. He contributes to some of the major Catalan newspapers. La malcontenta (2015) is his latest novel.

In 2011 he was awarded the Premi Sant Jordi de les Lletres Catalanes for his novel Crim de sang, which has been translated into Italian, French, Danish, Polish and soon into English.

Blanca Busquets

Blanca Busquets (Barcelona, 1961) is a writer and journalist. She published several novels: Presó de neu (Proa, 2003), El jersei (Rosa dels Vents, 2006), Tren a Puigcerdà (Rosa dels Vents, 2007), Vés a saber on és el cel (Rosa dels Vents, 2009), La nevada del cucut (Rosa dels Vents, 2010), La casa del silenci (Rosa dels Vents, 2013), Paraules a mitges (Rosa dels Vents, 2014) and Jardí a l’obaga (Proa, 2016).  La nevada del cucut, was awarded the Premi Llibreter, the Catalan Booksellers Award, in 2011, a significant prize which immediately became a milestone in her literary career. She is now translated into English, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and German and is recognized unanimously as a prominent figure of contemporary Catalan literature. Her novels explore women’s feelings and often deal with family secrets.


Jaume Cabré

Jaume Cabré (Barcelona, 1947) is one of the most internationally celebrated contemporary Catalan writers. He is the author of La teranyina, Fra Junoy o l’agonia dels sons, Llibre de preludis, Senyoria, Viatge d'hivern, all of them translated into several languages. Les Veus del Pamano was a huge success in Germany as well as in it original Catalan edition.

Essayist, novelist, narrator, screenplay writer for cinema and television and playwright, he has been awarded most of the main Catalan literary awards, and in 2010 has been awarded with the Premi d’Honor de les Lletres Catalanes (the most important award in the Catalan Literary scene).

His latest novel, Jo confesso (Proa, 2011) has been acclaimed by both the Catalan and Spanish as well as the international press as a masterpiece of the world literature and it has been awarded the Premio de la Crítica (2012), Premi de la Crítica Serra d'Or (2012), Premi de Narrativa Maria Àngels Anglada (2012), Premi Joan Crexells de l'Ateneu Barcelonès (2012), Premio La tormenta en un vaso (2012), Prix Courrier International (2013), Premi Ciutat de Barcelona to the city's international projection (2013) and was short-listed for the Internationaler Literaturpreis Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2012. It has been long-listed for the 2016 IMPAC Dublin Award which will be announced in June in Dublin.

Jenn Díaz

Jenn Díaz (Barcelona, 1988) is the author of four novels: Belfondo (2011, Principal de los Libros), translated into Catalan and Italian; El duelo y la fiesta (2012, Principal de los Libros); Mujer sin hijo (2013, Jot Down Books); and Es un decir (2014, Lumen).

Mare i filla is her first novel originally written in Catalan, and it has been published in Spanish (Destino) and will be published in Polish (Prószynski i Sk, 2017).

She contributes to the magazines Granite&Rainbow i Jot Down, and writes weekly for the cultural magazine and the newspaper El Periódico.


Rafel Nadal

Rafel Nadal (Girona, 1954) is a successful Catalan writer and journalist. He has published three best-selling novels, Quan érem feliços (Destino, 2012), winner of the Josep Pla and the Joaquim Amat-Pinella literary awards, Quan en dèiem xampany (Columna, 2013), winner of the Anglada Award, and La maledicció dels Palmisano (Columna, 2015), which is being translated into several languages, including English, German, French, Dutch and Polish.



Marc Pastor

Marc Pastor (Barcelona, 1977) is the author of four novels. Montecristo (Proa, 2007), La mala dona (La Magrana RBA, 2008, winner of the Crims de Tinta Award), L'any de la plaga plaga (La Magrana RBA, 2010) and Bioko (Planeta, 2013). La mala dona has been published into more than ten languages, Spanish, Italian, German, English and French between them. Bioko, has been published into Spanish, Italian, Hungarian and Polish (Bellona).

What they all share is their direct, ironic voice and their excellent depiction of characters that remain passionate to the very end. Marc Pastor's skills to use different registers effectively, permit him to explore various genres, from adventure to crime fiction. He has graduated in Criminology and Criminal Politics and works for the Barcelona Scientific Police department.

Jordi Puntí

Jordi Puntí was born in 1967 and lives in Barcelona. He writes in Catalan and has published two books of short stories: Pell d’armadillo (Proa, 1998) and Animals tristos (Empúries, 2002). In 2010 he published his first novel, Maletes perdudes  (Empúries, 2010), which received the National Critics’ Award, the Booksellers Award and the prestigious Lletra d’Or, and it has been translated into 16 languages, also into Polish (Sonia Draga, 2015). His most recent book is Els castellans, a memoir on the relationship in the seventies between Catalan kids and the immigrants who arrived from Spain to a Catalan industrial town. He is a regular contributor to El Periódico newspaper, based in Barcelona, and the cultural magazine L’Avenç. In 2014 he was a recipient of the fellowship for the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers, at the New York Public Library. He’s now working on his second novel.


Care Santos

Care Santos was born in 1970 in Mataro (Barcelona). She studied Law and Philologie, she worked in several media and at 25 years old, published her first book. Since then, she 's published ten novels, six collections of short stories, two collections of poetry, and a great many books for children and young adults. Santos is one of Spain's most read children's book authors, and her work has been translated into moret han 20 languangyes, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, and Polish between them. In 2014 she won the Premi de les Lletres Catalan Ramon Llull with her novel Desig de xocolata. She also won the Edebé Prize, Gran Angular Prize, Ramon Muntaner Prize and Protagonista Prize, and has been the anthologist of “Un deu. Antologia del nou conte català” (A ten. Anthology about the new Catalan short stories). She just finished her first theatrical text, “Truca abans d’entrar”.


Màrius Serra

Màrius Serra (Barcelona, 1963) is a writer. Apart from his fiction works, he is specialized in wordplay, games and journalism. He has published more than nine thousand crossword puzzles, four thousand articles, fourteen books of narrative and seven works on wordplay, among them Verbàlia (Empúries, 2000 – Octavi Pellissa Prize, Serra d’Or Prize and Lletra d’Or Prize). Among his novels, one should mention Farsa (Columna, 2006 – Ramon Llull Novel Prize), Quiet (Empúries, 2008) and Plans de futur (Proa, 2013 - Sant Jordi Novel Prize). His works have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Corean, Polish (Pascal, 2015) and, partially, into German and English. He is a regular contributor to written and audiovisual media.

His new novel, Res no és perfecte a Hawaii, will be published simultaneously in Catalan and in Spanish this Spring (Proa and Destino, 2016).

Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Jordi Sierra i Fabra was born in Barcelona in 1947. His first book was published in 1972. He has written more than four hundred works, a lot of them being best-sellers, and he has won almost forty literary prices and has been translated into thirty languages. In 2006 and 2010, he was the Spanish candidate for the Hans Christian Andersen Prize; in 2007 he won the Premio Nacional de Literatura from the Spanish Government; and in 2013 he won the Premio Iberoamericano for his work as a whole. He has sold more that 11 millions books. In 2004, he created the Jordi Sierra I Fabra Foundation in Barcelona and the Foundation called Taller de Letras Jordi Sierra i Fabra in Medellín, as a culmination of his career and his ethical and social compromise. In 2010, these foundations were awarded with the IBBY-Asahi Prize for the reading promotion and, in 2015, with the Medalla d’Honor of Barcelona.

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