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10.00 "Frankfurt Breakfast” – breakfast meeting for professional only. NOTE: participation possible only upon registration: Dedicated to experts in the field of literature for children and young adults, the breakfast was organized by the Frankfurt Book Fair. During this informal meeting, a literary agent from Germany will talk about the very well-developed book sector in Germany and about the latest publications.  Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) Collective German stand 135/D15
10.00-10.50 “Alchemy. On the art of camera operation” – a presentation/lesson The lesson will be devoted to film image and those who create it – the camera operators and their work. Conducted by dr hab. Katarzyna Taras   Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University AMSTERDAM
10.00-10.50 “Readers in the 21st century – unnamed groups?” – survey of the Polish Chamber of Books “Directions and forms of transformation of reading in Poland” 2013–2014    Polish Chamber of Books  LONDYN A
10.00-10.50 “How to read books without words with children” – seminar for librarians and teachers
Meeting with Susanne Rotraut Berner, author of bestsellers for children: “Winter-Wimmelbuch", “Sommer-Wimmelbuch”, “Herbst-Wimmelbuch”, “Frühlings-Wimmelbuch", and "Nacht-Wimmelbuch"
and illustrator of the book “Das große Wimmel-Kochbuch”.
Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry RZYM
10.00-10.50 “On the 170th anniversary of opening of the Warsaw-Vienna Railway – the first railway in the Kingdom of Poland” – presentation/workshop The lesson is devoted to the event that initiated the age of railway in Poland, with ensuing social, cultural and economic development of the Polish territories in the 19th century. Railway Museum in Warsaw LONDYN C
10.00-10.50 Internet in a library is used to check Facebook and watch memes. And what is the function of an Internet library? – presentation of the portal is a modern portal which offers online access to the collection of the National Library, as well as a collection of books filled with scribbles, funny pictures and poor photos. Can Reymont’s photomontages and drawings on the margins of 17th-century books find their place next to “Kazania Świętokrzyskie” and the works of Kochanowski? We will try to answer this question during the presentation of Polona. National Library BARCELONA
10.00-10.50 Graphic workshop with Pau
Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
10.00-11.00 Culturethèque, French digital media library in Poland Borrow French books and digital periodicals with the French Institute! French Institute in Poland The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
10.00-11.15 “Puppets straight from the kitchen” Can the inhabitants of kitchen drawers and jars become puppets in your theatre? How to turn wooden spoons, a corkscrew with a cork, hard garlic bulbs and carrots with green leaves into puppets on a kitchen table? All children are invited to this culinary theatre experiment! Theatre Institute Stage A (Business Club)
10.00-12.30 The Festival of Children’s Literature: reading aloud    The Festival of Children’s Literature Kanapa Literacka
10.00-11.30 Caligraphy lesson Change your style of writing to that of... King John III! During the workshop, you will discover the art of writing in the English style. Museum of the Palace of King John III in Warsaw WARSAW
10.00-16.00 The Literary ER  Literature experts will examine the needs of the youngest readers. First, they will make a diagnosis of their expectations and then advise them on the choice of the best reading. Stand 362/G
10.00-18.30 Comic Book Warsaw Festival   Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
10.00-19.00 "Book for Book"  "Book for Book" is already the sixth event by Publio and Gazeta Wyborcza, during which traditional paper books (5 books/person) can be exchanged for e-books. Publio, Gazeta Wyborcza Stoisko 50/D7
10.30-12.00 “Art for children” Workshop related to the book "Mona Lisa”. The author talks about contemporary art on the example of the famous paining by Leonardo da Vinci. Paining Gioconda in the style of Vincent van Gogh, Marcel Duchamp or Jackson Pollock, he explains how the art has been changing. Hall for children (Gallery)
11.00 Printing and publishing seminar "AKADEMIA  KSIĄŻKI” The aim of the seminar is to present the latest paper products on the market to publishers. The programme includes: the opening and presentation of the aims of the seminar - Professor Georgij PetrIaszwili from the Warsaw University of Technology and Andrzej Janicki from the Anczyc Printing House; EU grants for publishers in 2015 - Paweł Szarubka, Director of European Consulting, ISP Sp. z o.o.; Good paper for a good book - Edyta Gaworowska, Joanna Wojtynek from Panta sp. z o.o.; New products on the book paper market in Poland - Marek Pakosz, Anna Bielecka from  Igepa Polska; debate Department of Printing Technology, Warsaw University of Technology; co-organizers: Anczyc Printing House from Krakow, Igepa Polska and Panta Łódź Conference hall in Business Club
11.00-11.50 “How to ensure good translation. Publishers and translators together towards good practice”   Polish Chamber of Books and  Literary Translators Association LONDYN A
11.00-11.50 “Place Poland in the centre. The library of Kultura Liberalna”  Participants: Łukasz Pawłowski, Łukasz Jasina, Karolina Wigura.  Kultura Liberalna BARCELONA
11.00-11.50 “W. St. Reymont – still relevant, though forgotten” Moderators: Krzysztof Bąkała, Jolanta Załęczny  Museum of Independence in Warsaw LONDYN C
11.00-11.50 Chinese comics – Nicolas Grivel Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
11.00-11.50 Promotion of the 5th volume of “Poczet Wydawców Książki Polskiej. Książka wyzwolona 1918–1950” by Jan Okopień and Joanna Czarkowska   magazine “Wydawca” PARYŻ C
11.00-11.50 Graphic workshop with Pau
Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association LONDYN B
11.00-12.00 Travelling in your dreams Meeting with Anne Brouillard and Geneviève Casterman Delegation Wallonia-Brussels, publishing house Tibum The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
11.00-12.00 Meetings with science – Wszechnica PAN “Straight from Egypt: a report on the latest discoveries of the Polish mission in Sakkara” – Prof. Karol Myśliwiec Hipotheses and facts from the lives of ancient Egyptians, not only of the dignitaries known from books but also of the common people. Hieroglyphs, mummies, hexes and charms – talked about with gusto and presented on photographs. Wszechnica PAN AMSTERDAM
11.00-12.00 Presentation of a support project for translations of Russian literature into foreign languages realised by the Russian Translation Institute.     Read Russia stand 94/D13
11.30-12.50 “Stage design straight from a garden” – theatre and gardening workshop  Can a house garden become an inspiration for theatre? Can real fresh and smelling plants become the scenery for our spectacles?  Theatre Institute Stage A (Business Club)
12.00-12.30 Bulgarian comics – Alexander Vachkov Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
12.00-12.45 "Rights & Licensing: Opportunity Amidst Digital Disruption” Digital technology continues to transform every part of the publishing industry, not the least its value chain. As traditional sales channels contract, publishers are learning to think “beyond the book” and are actively preparing to distribute their content and grant permission to reuse it in more flexible and fragmented ways, including across borders. Meet Victoriano Colodrón, Senior Director, International Relations at Copyright Clearance Center to learn about how publishers are using collective licensing, technology and education to provide a seamless customer experience and support the principles of copyright, all while growing their businesses amidst today’s disruptions. Conducted by: Victoriano Colodrón, a copyright specialist, heading the Spain Baised CCC subsidiary RightsDirect, which offers custom-made services to publishers in the field of collective licensing. Since April 2012, Senior Director, International Relations at Copyright Clearance Center (CCC,, where he manages relationships between CCC and Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) in other countries. Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) Collective German stand 135/D15
12.00-12.45 Russian cyberstrategy Meeting with Yannick Harrel Publishing house DiG The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
12.00-12.50 “Rhyming and singing along with Mr Fartypants” – games based on the Pan Pierdziołka book series with nice and not-so-nice nursery rhymes for children of all ages
  Zysk i S-ka Stage B (Business Club)
12.00-12.50 “Everything you wanted to know about Internet piracy (but you were always afraid to ask)”    Anti-Piracy Protection LONDYN A
12.00-12.50 “The art of speaking or rhetorics of a young man. You live how you speak. Think with words!” Moderator:  Michał Zawadka, author of books for children, motivation speaker, creator of the workshop programme “Imagine the world for a child” Mind & Dreams LONDYN C
12.00-12.50 Printing workshop for young adults Meeting with a unique museum, combining history of printing with a presentation of type-setting, print, book-binding and paper-making techniques. The activities of the museum will be presented by its director –  Barbara Rogalska.  Museum of Warsaw Printing, the Printers’ Section of SIMP and the magazine “Wydawca” PARYŻ C
12.00-13.00 Meeting with Renata Piątkowska Hall for children (Gallery)
12.00-13.30 “How to reach young readers or a recipe for an interesting book”   Meeting with authors from the Association of Polish Writers Association of Polish Writers RZYM
12.00-13.30 “Typing machine” – creative writing workshop with elements of drama Creative writing, just as other types of artistic activity, brings a lot of satisfaction, develops personality, strengthens self-confidence. Moderator: Alina Krzywiec WARSZAWA
12.00-13.50 Treasures of the Museum of Children's Books discussion panel PTWK BARCELONA
12.15-13.00 Meetings with science – Wszechnica PAN “Growing plants on space stations” – Prof. Franciszek Dubert  Hypotheses and results of research on growing plants on space stations. Who would not be curious how to create the right conditions for Earth plants to survive, whether they would be eatable and how fruit grown during a space flight would taste? Wszechnica PAN AMSTERDAM
12.45-13.30 The comic book "Best of Enemies: A History of US and Middle East Relations" Meeting with Jean-Pierre Filiu Kultura Gniewu The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
13.00 The campaign “Zaczytaj się nad Wisłą” – meeting with Michał Olszewski, Vice-President of Warsaw, with the Marek Piwowarski, proxy of the President of Warsaw for development of the Vistula, with the directors of the Warsaw City Hall’s Department for Culture, Department for Education and the Centre for Social Communication, as well as with representatives of riverside café-bars which will be executing activities on behalf of the city in 2015 The organisers will talk about positioning of the Vistula as a zone of books – a place of culture, relaxation and sports events Office of the Capital City of Warsaw Stage B (Business Club)
13.00-15.00 Gala of the Competition “Książka dla Trenera” The Gala of the Competition “Książka dla Trenera” is the official crowning of the 2014 edition. During the ceremony, the winners of the competition will be announced receive awards in three categories: book for a trainer – Polish author, foreign author and audience award. A key element of the Gala will be thee lecture by Professor Dominika Maison Polish Association of Business Coaches LONDYN A
13.00-13.40 “Wawa comics” – presentation of a comics school Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ B
13.00-13.50 “Wold War Two in caricature” – a presentation/lesson   Magazyn Historyczny "Mówią wieki" LONDYN C
13.00-13.50 Meeting with Edward Lucas - the premiere of the Polish edition of the book "The New Cold War: Putin's Russia and the Threat to the West"

Moderator: Marek Magierowski

Edward Lucas - a British journalist, European correspondent of "The Economist”

Wydawnictwo Kurhaus Kanapa Literacka
13.00-13.50 Meeting with Klaudia Kopiasz Klaudia Kopiasz – a 17-year old talented writer and traveller. She started her adventure with literature at the age of 11. Her debut novel was  “W głąb lawendowych uliczek". publishing house Psychoskok  Stage A (Business Club)
13.00-13.50 Screenwriting workshop with John Layman (in English) Please register for the workshop at; the event is part of the Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
13.00-14.00 “Worlds of our imagination”  Meeting with Marcin Szczygielski on the book “Tuczarnia motyli” Hall for children (Gallery)
13.00-14.00 Meeting with Evgeny Vodolazkin – writer, author of the novel “Laurus”  Moderator: Sergey Chuprynin   Stand 94/D13
13.00-14.30 “Civilising the book market in Poland” A debate on the impact of the Act on books, with General Director of BIEF Jean-Gui Boin Polish Chamber of Books, French Institute in Poland LONDYN B
13.30-14.15 The new generation of literary translators Summary of the French-Polish session Fabrique des traducteurs;Meeting with Agata Rębkowska, Krzysztof Umiński, Anna Wasilewska, Jacek Giszczak and Jörn Crambeleng French Institute in Poland The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
13.30-14.30 Meetings with science – Wszechnica PAN “The latest developments in the Polish language” – Prof. Andrzej Markowski  How the way and quality of thinking influences modern Polish language in everyday and online communication? Are we developing or becoming lazy in our language habits? Wszechnica PAN AMSTERDAM
14.00-14.50 10książ – presentation of the project of the Warsaw Library, in which experts recommend books that are a good introduction to science In 2015, the Library launched a programme with the objective of finding and gathering in one place the lists of the ten most interesting books from all fields of science. The aim of the programme is to promote those books so that they can become a good starting point for laymen who want to start studying on their own. The organizer expects to get other libraries interested in the project as well. Warsaw Public Library / Main Library of the Mazovian Voivodeship PARYŻ B
14.00-14.50 Portuguese comics – Marcos Farrajota
and Pedro Pereira
Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
14.00-14.50 Presentation of the programme “Creative Europe”  Creative Europe Desk Polska invites everyone to a meeting devoted to financing options for international cultural projects and literary translations under the Creative Europe Programme. They will present the guidelines and rules of each of the supported areas and the current grant application procedures. Adam Mickiewicz Institute LONDYN C
14.00-15.50 Announcement of the results of the art contest for children “Bazgroł”   Web portal duże Ka RZYM
14.00-17.00 Conference “How are the best printed books made?” 14.00 Modern and innovative solutions used in book publishing – Justyna Pachniowska – Papyrus Polska and Michał Warda – Poster Museum in Warsaw
14.30 Professional book printing in the eyes of Kodak – Sławomir Iwanowski – Kodak Polska
15.00 Books in the main role – Jarosław Kotfis – Manroland Web Systems
15.30 The power of book cover. An efficient and sustainable paper
board solution for book production – Stanisław Moczulski – Metsä Board
16.00 Express binding of small editions of books, photobooks and photoalbums – Mirosław Bugała – Fastbind Polska
16.30 Revolution in cardboard covers in Asia – Andrzej Skalski – Yagra
A4P Conference Hall in the Business Club
14.15-15.00 Europe: the promised land of literary translation? Meeting with Pierre Ducrozet and Jörn Cambreleng French Institute in Poland The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
14.30-15.30 "E-books in public libraries. Ways of providing latest publications and bestsellers in digital form for tablets and smartphones" - presented by Mikołaj Małaczyński, President of Legimi Presentation: Mikołaj Małaczyński, President of Legimi Legimi AMSTERDAM
14.30-15.30 Leningrad and its inhabitants in 1940–50 in the eyes of Eduard Kochergin Presentation of the book “The Angel’s Puppet” (translated into Polish by Walentyna Mikołajczyk-Trzcińska, published by Cel) with E. Kochergin – the main scenographer of Wielki Teatr Dramatyczny, winner of many Russian and international awards, decorated with the badge “Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej” and the Officer Cross of Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. Moderator: Grzegorz Wiśniewski        Stand 94/D13
14.30-15.30 Anna Czerwińska-Rydel will answer the question “Which way to the stars?” Hall for children (Gallery)
14.30-15.50 “How to run an Internet bookshop in accordance with the law – about the new Polish Consumer Rights Act” Conducted by the lawyers Szymon Zięba, Joanna Hetman-Krajewska, Joanna Czerwińska Biblioteka Analiz and Kancelaria Prawnicza Patrimonium BARCELONA
15.00-15.50 “How to obtain funds from Individual Repartition – payment of remuneration to authors of science and technical works”    KOPIPOL LONDYN C
15.00-15.50 “Cats, vampires, producers. The hardships and joys of translation for theatre and musicals” Meeting with Barbara Grzegorzewska and Daniel Wyszogrodzki, moderated by Aleksandra Niemirycz, President of the Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters. Polish Association of Translators and Interpreters WARSAW
15.00-15.50 The National Literary Award for Female Authors “Gryfia”. Announcement of nominations The National Literary Award for Female Authors “Gryfia”. Kanapa Literacka
15.00-15.50 Premiere of the book by Witold Bereś and Jacek Komar “Okińczyc, wileński autorytet. Opowieść o wolnej Litwie” Meeting with the creators of the publication and the protagonist of the book – one of the three Poles who signed the 1990 Act on the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania, former advisor of President Algirdas Brazauskas and Valdas Adamkus; Witold Bereś – producer of fiction films (e.g. “Anioł w Krakowie") and documentaries (e.g. “Bartoszewski. Droga”), former journalist of “Tygodnik Powszechny” and “Gazeta Wyborcza”, author and co-author of over thirty books; Jacek Komar – Polish journalist permanently residing in Vilnus, long-time correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Moderator: Jerzy Kisielewski Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy (in liquidation) LONDYN A
15.00-15.50 Meeting on the literary quarterly “Wyspa”
The future of literary periodicals. Moderator: Piotr Dobrołęcki, Editor-in-Chief Biblioteka Analiz Stage B (Business Club)
15.00-15.50 Life Behind the Iron Curtain – meeting with Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
15.00-16.00 About Polesia, Belarus.Małgorzata Szejnert about her new book: "Usypać góry. Historie z Polesia" and pictures 1997-2012: Maria Söderberg.   Litteraturresan/Belarus PARYŻ B
15.00-16.00 The new generation of French writers Meeting with David Bosc and Pierre Ducrozet; Moderator: Eliza Kącka French Institute in Poland The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
15.00-16.50 “E-lending Business Models for Publishers. Two examples from Germany”. As the most important format alongside printed books, e-books now form an intrinsic part of the publishers’ product range. They are distributed through many different channels, though they are not always easy to purchase for customers if they choose not to tie themselves to a single provider (such as Amazon). Besides the device-driven forms of delivery, there now also exist lending and flat rate services. Numerous German libraries, for instance, offer their users ONLEIHE as a means of borrowing e-books, and on platforms like Skoobe, e-books are available for flat-rate prices. But what does this mean for the publishers’ strategies? Are lending or flat-rate approaches actually sustainable business models? Two examples from Germany illustrate two different opinions on this question. Guests: Matthias Ulmer, CEO, Eugen Ulmer Verlag, Stuttgart, and Head of the Publishers Committee at the German Publishers and Booksellers Association; Sascha Lazimbat, Digital Media Executive, Zebralution GmbH, Berlin; Host: Barbara Jóźwiak, CEO, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warsaw, Vice President of PIK (Polish Chamber of Books) (German/Polish)
PIK, Frankfurt Book Fair, Goethe Institute, Book Institute LONDYN B
15.30-16.50 “Basia – every pre-schooler’s best friend” Meeting with Zofia Stanecka and Marianna Oklejak Hall for children (Gallery)
15.40 Announcement of the 9th edition of the competition "PIK-owy Laur” for journalists who promote books and reading   Polish Chamber of Books Kanapa Literacka
15.40-16.00 The struggle to preserve Lohvinau Publishing House in Belarus. Participiant: Ihar Lohvinau Litteraturresan/Belarus PARYŻ B
16.00-16.30 Publishing management system Several hundred titles a year, hundreds of contracts for authors, multistage projects — the publisher’s reality. IT tools are perfect for supporting the publishing process. We have been developing our publishing process management system for years now. Starting from the publishing schedule, through the organization of editorial works, including concluding contracts, reporting and supervision of ongoing works. We know how to combine a publishing management system with ERP software, we can fit it with additional tools for supporting decisions on the number of copies and additional printing. Publishers using our system are able to significantly improve the flow of projects and reduce the production cost. PARYŻ B
16.00-16.45 Egmont Polska – spotkanie z wydawnictwem Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
16.00-16.50 Academy of Effective Communication Test your voice emmission. Reading fragments of literature   Akademia Efektywnej Komunikacji, Kanapa Literacka
16.00-16.50 Competition for the best academic and science book ACADEMIA Official meeting of academic and science book publishers combined with the award ceremony in the competition for the best science and academic book ACADEMIA, including special awards: The Award of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for the best didactic technical textbook and the Award of the Rector of the University of Warsaw for the best academic publication in the field of human and social sciences. The organizers of the Academic and Science Book Fair ACADEMIA, AMSTERDAM
16.00-17.00 Presentation of the book by Grzegorz Wiśniewski “Polskie drogi w Petersburgu” Participants: Grzegorz Wiśniewski and Rafal Skąpski. Moderator: Nina Litvinec   Read Russia stand 94/D13
16.00-17.15 Between reportage and fiction Meeting with Patrick Deville, Olivier Rolin and Paulina Wilk; Moderator: Piotr Kieżun French Institute in Poland The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
16.00-17.20 New – book apps for children The topics of the meeting include:  What are book apps for children? How are they different from e-books? What are the main sins of app designers and producers? Examples of the most interesting foreign products. Using digital publishing systems to create interactive children’s books for mobile devices. Short review of the most popular programmes: risks and opportunities, business models Comparison of native, web and hybrid applications with other creative tools. Polish children’s publishers – do they offer products for mobile devices? Hybrid book as a new publishing model. How does children’s literature become an application? Can any book be turned into an app? The Themersons phenomenon – multimedia books for children.
Speakers: Michał Zając, Justyna Grzymała, Jolanta Karwowska
Polish Bibliological Society, Warsaw Division; Institute of Scientific Information and Bibliological Studies, University of Warsaw, Fundacja Festina Lente LONDYN A
16.30-17.00 Interactive publications We help our customers publish interactive content on any device. Using our tools, publishers can prepare a version of a textbook for interactive boards, apps for children for mobile devices, interactive tests available online and on CDs. We can change a printed book into an interesting computer programme, a mobile application, an advanced diagnostic system. Interactive publications prepared by us are used as elements of books and periodicals, added as numerical codes and CDs to hundreds of thousands of paper editions. PARYŻ B
16.45-17.00 Europe Comics – a presentation Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
17.00-17.50 "Young authors make comics for the French market”- meeting with Daniel Grzeszkiewicz, Jakub Rebelka, Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz  Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ A
17.00-17.50 Agnieszka Czerwińska on her life and the book “Śmierć grubej Berty”   Sophisti BOOKS Stage A (Business Club)
17.00-18.00 The image of women in contemporary Russian literature – interview with Maya Kucherskaya Moderator: Alicja Wołodźko-Butkiewicz    
17.00-18.50 Awards for publishers of professional books The Award Ceremony in the competition for the best economic book ECONOMICUS organized by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, the Competition of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations ‘NOT’ for the best technical book TECHNICUS, the Professor Jerzy Skowronek Award for authors and publishers in the field of history and archive studies, and the Callimachus Award for outstanding achievements in the field of education, organized by Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI. Moderator: Piotr Dobrołęcki “Dziennik - Gazeta Prawna”, Federation of Engineering Associations ‘NOT’ , Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI and Callimachus Kielce Trade Fair AMSTERDAM
17.15-18.00    “A chambermaid’s diary”, Octave Mirbeau Fragments of the book (in Polish) read by Sonia Bohosiewicz
Octave Mirbeau’s novel adapted for the screen by Benoît Jacquot, presented during the 6th New French Cinematography Review
publishing house Marginesy The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
18.00-18.50 Meeting with Aneta Skarżyński In 2008, “Wyspy Naftalinowe” got a special award at the Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Competition in London. The second part is titled “Wyspy Paprykarzowe".  publishing house Psychoskok Kanapa Literacka
18.00-19.00 The most beautiful of Polish Embassies: Hôtel de Monaco in Paris Meeting with Piotr Witt French Institute in Poland The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
18.30 Screening of the film: "Les garçons et Guillaume, à table!", directed by  Guillaume Galienne, France 2013, 87 min
Film adaptation of the play by Guillaume Galienne. Part of the New French Cinematography Review French Institute in Poland, Gutek Film Kino Muranów, ul. Gen. W. Andersa 5
20.30 Screening of the film: "L’amour dure trois ans", directed by Frédéric Beigbeder, France 2012, 98 min
Film adaptation of the novel by Frédéric Beigbeder. Part of the New French Cinematography Review French Institute in Poland, Gutek Film Kino Muranów, ul. Gen. W. Andersa 5





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