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10.00 "Frankfurt Breakfast” – breakfast meeting for professional only. NOTE: participation possible only upon registration: In casual atmosphere, representatives of international book markets can learn about novelties from the publishing and bookselling market and and establish contacts with our German guests – the organizers of the Frankfurt Book Fair, publishers and agents. Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) Collective German stand 135/D15
10.00-10.50 "The perception of art and the place of artist in the Middle Ages" Conducted by dr Paweł Freus  Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University BARCELONA
10.00-10.50 “From alpha to omega – meetings with the Ancient Greek” – a presentation/lesson Students will learn the basic facts about the history of writing and books in Ancient Greece as well as how to read simple words in the Greek alphabet. Later, they will learn about selected Polish words of Greek origin. Conducted by dr Katarzyna Jażdżewska Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University AMSTERDAM
10.00-10.50 "Przecinek i kropka” - educational workshop, Empik Hall for children (Gallery)
10.00-10.50 “Life and works of Zygmunt Krasiński” – a lesson The little Zygmunt was supposedly held for baptism by Napoleon Bonaparte himself, and the boy was called “Little Napoleon” in his early years. The participants of the lesson will hear this and many other anecdotes from his life. Muzeum Romantyzmu w Opinogórze LONDYN C
10.00-10.50 Internet in a library is used to check Facebook and watch memes. And what is the function of an Internet library? – presentation of the portal is a modern portal which offers online access to the collection of the National Library as well as a collection of books filled with scribbles, funny pictures and poor photos. Can Reymont’s photomontages and drawings on the margins of 17th-century books find their place next to “Kazania Świętokrzyskie” and the works of Kochanowski? We will try to answer this question during the presentation of Polona. National Library PARYŻ B
10.00-11.30 Meetings with the author and heroes of the book and the director of the film "Fajna Ferajna” and screening of the film based on the book Monika Kowaleczko-Szumowska  Wydawnictwo BIS LONDYN A
10.00-13.00 Board games in French Workshop for children and young adults Fundacja Ludoteka Roszada The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
10.00-16.00 The Literary ER  Literature experts will examine the needs of the youngest readers. First, they will make a diagnosis of their expectations and then advise them on the choice of the best reading. Stand 362/G
10.30-11.50 “What is there to think about in Poland” – 250 years of Polish public theatre / Conducted by: Prof. Dariusz Kosiński The lecture presents the most important varieties and functions of Polish public theatre from the moment of establishment (1765) until today. The historically and socially determined varieties of public theatre presented in the lecture include, among others: Wojciech Bogusławski’s civic and national theatre, the Krakow public theatre of 19th century, Stanisław Wyspiański’s theatre ideas, Mieczysław Limanowski and Juliusz Osterwa’s “Reduta”, the monumental and political theatre of Leon Schiller, Stary Teatr in Krakow, Kazimierz Dejmek and Jerzy Grzegorzewski’s national theatre.  Theatre Institute LONDYN B
10.00-18.00 "Book for Book"  "Book for Book" is already the sixth event by Publio and Gazeta Wyborcza, during which traditional paper books (5 books/person) can be exchanged for e-books. Publio, Gazeta Wyborcza Stoisko 50/D7
10.30-11.50 “Independent bookstores in the Polish book market” – a seminar for professionals   Sonia Draga PARYŻ C
11.00-11.50 “Legun ja ci, legun, jeszczem wąsów nie miał” – from secondary school student to a legionnaire Moderator: Franciszek Płóciennik   Museum of Independence in Warsaw LONDYN C
11.00-11.50 “Peeling potatoes in a gallery or trouble with modern art” – a presentation/lesson Conducted by dr Paweł Freus  Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University BARCELONA
11.00-11.50 “Express yourself through clothing, dress up right for every occasion” Moderator: Dorota Wróblewska Sophisti Group Stage A (Business Club)
11.00-11.50 Meeting with Zofia Mioduszewska,
daughter of the poet Tadeusz Mioduszewski,
on the book “Dzieciakom i ptakom”
Writing poems, playing with children and walks – these were the poet’s favourite pastimes. The participants in the meeting will learn about his writing techniques, prepare a performance and create a bird souvenir.
Zysk i S-ka  Stage B (Business Club)
11.00-12.30 “Messi and Ronaldo” – a story of two unique boys Meeting with Yvette Żółtowska-Darska Hall for children (Gallery)
11.00-12.30 Calligraphy lesson Everyone will receive work cards for manual practice and calligraphy templates. Rural Museum of the Radom Region WARSAW
11.00-12.50 “Educational libraries – cultural education in public and school libraries” – seminar for librarians The programme includes: good practice (presentation of projects realised in public libraries awarded with the Warsaw Cultural Education Award),  The Warsaw Programme of Cultural Education 2015-2020 and the new WPEK portal, cultural education in school libraries, meeting with Monika Kowaleczko-Szumowska – author of the book “Fajna Ferajna. Powstanie oczyma dzieci” Warsaw Programme of Cultural Education AMSTERDAM
11.30-13.00 Meetings with the author the heroes of the book and the director of the film "Fajna Ferajna” and screening of the film based on the book Monika Kowaleczko-Szumowska  Wydawnictwo BIS LONDYN A
12.00 OPENING CEREMONY of the 6th Warsaw Book Fair and the 9th Academic and Science Book Fair ACADEMIA In addition: award ceremony of the Warsaw Book Fair Award IKAR and the "Master of Promoting Reading" Award of the Polish Librarians Association The organizers of the Warsaw Book Fair and the Academic and Science Book Fair ACADEMIA Main stage – Kanapa Literacka
12.00-12.45 "Rights & Licensing: Opportunity Amidst Digital Disruption” Digital technology continues to transform every part of the publishing industry, not the least its value chain. As traditional sales channels contract, publishers are learning to think “beyond the book” and are actively preparing to distribute their content and grant permission to reuse it in more flexible and fragmented ways, including across borders. Meet Victoriano Colodrón, Senior Director, International Relations at Copyright Clearance Center to learn about how publishers are using collective licensing, technology and education to provide a seamless customer experience and support the principles of copyright, all while growing their businesses amidst today’s disruptions. Conducted by: Victoriano Colodrón, a copyright specialist, heading the Spain Baised CCC subsidiary RightsDirect, which offers custom-made services to publishers in the field of collective licensing. Since April 2012, Senior Director, International Relations at Copyright Clearance Center (CCC,, where he manages relationships between CCC and Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) in other countries. Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) Collective German stand 135/D15
12.00-12.50 “Modern theatre artist as a star” – a presentation/lesson Conducted by dr Paweł Freus Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University BARCELONA
12.00-12.50 “Przecinek i Kropka” – educational workshop, Empik Stage A (Business Club)
12.00-12.50 “Advertisement... maintaining, creating or breaking stereotypes?” – a presentation/lesson Conducted by mgr Tomira Chmielewska-Ignatowicz  Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University PARYŻ A
12.00-12.50 Mulimedia presentation of the results of archaeological research conducted in Ordon’s Redoubt in Warsaw Conducted by dr Wojciech Borkowski Archaeological Museum in Warsaw LONDYN C
12.00-13.30 Detective workshop with Lasse and Maia + publishing house Zakamarki Hall for children (Gallery)
12.00-13.45 “Public theatre. Performances” – lecture / Speaker: Joanna Krakowska The history of Polish public theatre started from a performance in which Poles were encouraged to change their habits.  Since 1795, theatre kept encouraging, convincing, explaining, offending, interfering and provoking. Nobody says that it is supposed to be nice and cosy. Just as nobody says that the history of public theatre must told in a boring way. During the meeting we will show our guests why theatre is important. And how to talk about it using other media: film and Internet. As well as how to use theatre to talk about the world and how the world changes under its influence. Theatre Institute LONDYN B
12.30 Official opening of the "Read Russia" stand      Read Russia stand 94/D13
12.30-14.00 Meeting with Ulf Stark on the series "Kanel och Kanin" (Polish translation: "Cynamon i Trusia”) Ulf Stark is an eminent and much awarded author of novels, TV programmes, films and theatre plays. His world is full of details that help children see how beautiful our every-day world is and remind it to adults.   Hall for children (Gallery)
13.00-13.45 NIKE Literary Award  Announcement of nominations Gazeta Wyborcza & Fundacja Agory AMSTERDAM
13.00-13.50 “I want to be somebody! How to reach your goals when everyone else just doesn’t care?” Moderator:  Michał Zawadka, author of books for children, motivation speaker, creator of the workshop programme “Imagine the world for a child” publishing house Mind&Dream LONDYN C
13.00-13.50 Meeting with Marek Kochan, author of the book “Martynika i Biała Wyspa” The story of one girl’s journey. The place where she arrives is strange and does not resemble anything else she knows, while her parents and grandparents seem to know it very well. What place is it? The author himself will answer this question and invite children to have fun together.
Zysk i S-ka  Stage A (Business Club)
13.00-14.00 Memoires of a soldier: Life of a Poilu – stories for children Meeting for children and young adults Publishing house Claroscuro The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
13.00-14.00 Presentation of an award for translators and publishers of Russian literature “Read Russia”      Read Russia stand 94/D13
13.15-14.45 “Between film and theatre” Scenography workshop of the Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych, inspired by the cycle  “TEATROTEKA” Theatre Institute WARSAW
13.15-14.50 Meeting with ABE-IPS Sp. z o.o. What's new in Nature Publishing Group? – Joanne Kashmina (NPG); New Products Online and the "Title by Title” purchase model by Oxford University Press – Julita Madzio (OUP); Publications by Pharmaceutical Press on the Medicines Complete platform – Urszula Sasimowicz-Andrzejewska ABE-IPS Sp. z o.o. PARYŻ A
13.30-15.00 “Make your voice heard!” – theatre and school as the space for public debate Workshop/debate on the virtual exhibition “Common parts. From the Enlightenment to the Modern Times”, prepared on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of public theatre. What is a public institution – theatre and school – and what role do we have to play? Theatre Institute PARYŻ B
14.00-14.45 “The best book for the spring” Conference LONDYN C
14.00-14.45 Literary Award GDYNIA Announcement of nominations The City of Gdynia AMSTERDAM
14.00-14.50 Magellan Awards Ceremony in the competition “Best Tourist Publications of 2014”   Biblioteka Analiz, Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI PARYŻ C
14.00-15.00 THE FOREST and its usual and unusual inhabitants Art workshop for children and young adults  Publishing house Widnokrąg The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
14.00-15.50 PTWK Competition “The Most Beautiful Books of the Year”   Polish Book Publishers Association BARCELONA
14.00-16.00 “Storytelling is an art” Storytelling workshop with literary dice, board games and educational building blocks Hall for children (Gallery)
14.00-16.00 Panel debate: "The need to be constantly amazed" (Kapuściński) and the boundaries of reportage. Participants of the debate (authors of awarded books): Svetlana Alexievich (“Czasy secondhand”), Iza Michalewicz (“Życie to za mało”), Michał Olszewski (“Najlepsze buty na świecie”), Göran Rosenberg (“Krótki przystanek w drodze z Auschwitz”), and Drauzio Varella (“Ostatni krąg”). Moderator: Konstanty Gebert ("Gazeta Wyborcza”)
The Capital City of Warsaw and "Gazeta Wyborcza”; Coorganizer: Polish Press Agency Centrum Konferencyjne PAP, ul. Bracka 6/8 
14.00-16.00 Conference “How are the best printed books made?” 14.00  (Un)usual book – Krzysztof Włazowski – Antalis Poland
14.30 Sakata INX – unique book printing inks – Marcin Wieczorek and Jacek Bogulski – SmART INKS
15.00 TOP quality, TOP books, TOP profit – Krzysztof Pietrzak – Manroland Polska
15.30 Printing additional copies – quick binding of small editions. The best solutions in paperback binding – Gabriela Swat –  Duplo Polska
16.00 InkJet print technology in a book printing house – Andrzej Walczuk – Canon Polska
16.30 Good paper for a good book – Edyta Gaworowska and Joanna Wojtynek – Panta
A4P Conference Hall in Business Club
14.30 “Jerzy Giedroyc and his work. Ideas, people and books”. Opening of the exhibition “Jerzy Giedroyc and his work. Ideas, people and books". Meeting of friends and collaborators of the Paris magazine “Kultura” The Book Institute Conference Centre (level 2)
14.30-15.30 Reading literary works to children   Foundation “Zdążyć z Pomocą” Kanapa Literacka
14.30-16.00 Presentation of the Translation Institute and round table on the problems with translating classical and contemporary Russian literature into Polish  Participants: Nina Litvinec, Dmitri Petrov, Ewa Rojewska, Grzegorz Wiśniewski, Alicja Wołodźko-Butkiewicz.   Stand 94/D13
14.45-15.30 “Collected history” Conference LONDYN C
15.00-15.50 Norwegian comics - Kristian Hellesund Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ C
15.00-15.50 Photocopying textbooks. Students take the floor. What do Polish students learn from today? Is photocopying really a drain on their pockets? Or maybe in the age of the Internet photocopying textbooks already belongs to the past? What is the role of downloading electronic materials in student life? What do students think of the legality of their actions? Update your knowledge and come to the presentation of the results of the latest survey on photocopying, conducted by students among students using the most popular social media. You are invited to learn about the results of a nationewide action organized by students and graduates of the Faculty of Political Science, UMCS, on the initiative of Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, with the support of SAiW Copyright Polska. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, SAiW Copyright Polska PARYŻ A
15.00-16.00 French comics and animation Meeting with Nicolas Grivel Polish Comics Association The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
15.00-16.50 “Readers and the book market: France - Poland - Europe"  - meeting for professionals Participants: representatives of France - Jean-Guy Boin, General Director of BIEF and Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, writer, Ambassador of Reading in Poland, Emmanuel AZZIZ, Vice Director at Bibliotheque Publique d'Information-Centrum Pompidou in Paris; representatives of Poland - Małgorzata Seck, Director of Content, Orange Polska, Director of Book Institute Grzegorz Gauden, President of th Board at SAiW Copyright Polska Barbara Jóźwiak, Head of Fiction Book Publishers’ Section at Polish Chamber of Books Sonia Draga                                                                                      (French/Polish) French Institute in Poland, the Warsaw Book Fair AMSTERDAM
16.00-16.50 "Urwany Film" - the Marvel geeks - a speech by Kuba Koisz and Janek Steifer from the channel Avalon-Marvelcomics Comic Book Warsaw Festival Polish Comics Association, CONTUR Creators Association PARYŻ C
16.00-17.00 “On various ways of solving selected problems” Guests: Marcin Kurczab, Elżbieta Kurczab, Elżbieta Świda  Ars Mathematica, Supersiódemka & Polskie Księgarnie PARYŻ A
16.00-17.00 Open exemplary lesson of Russian language  Dmitri Petrov, a translator and linguist, will present his original method of teaching Russian as a foreign language.   Read Russia stand 94/D13
16.00-17.00 Studies in France Presentation: Campus France   The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
17.00 Gala of the competition ‘Przecinek i Kropka’ Moderator: Katarzyna Stoparczyk Empik RZYM
17.00-18.00 The world of refined alcohols - cognac Meeting with Łukasz Gołębiewski on the occasion of the publication of his book by M&P   The stand of France - the Guest of Honour 113/D11
18.30 Screening of the film: "Le chat du rabbin", directed by Joann Sfar, France 2011, 89 min.
Film adaptation of the comic by Joann Sfar. Part of the New French Cinematography Review French Institute in Poland, Gutek Film Kino Muranów, ul. Gen. W. Andersa 5
20.00 Litarary Reportage Award Ceremony 2014 INVITATION ONLY The Capital City of Warsaw, "Gazeta Wyborcza"  Teatr Dramatyczny, PKiN, plac Defilad 1
20.30 Screening of the film: "Quai d’Orsay", directed by  Bertrand Tavernier, France 2013, 113 min.
Film adaptation of the comic by Christophe Blain and Abel Lanzac French Institute in Poland, Gutek Film Kino Muranów, ul. Gen. W. Andersa 5


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