Hungary – the Guest of Honour of the seventh Warsaw Book Fair

Like every year, the Warsaw Book Fair will become a meeting place of literary traditions and cultures of various nations. This time, the focus of attention will be on our Guest of Honour – Hungary.

The programme prepared by the Guest of Honour will enjoy the patronage of Hungarian President János Áder and Polish President Andrzej Duda. The two patrons invite Polish readers to take part in meetings with authors, professional seminars and presentations of new books by the most eminent Hungarian authors – both classics and contemporary writers, such as the Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész. Nearly 20 new publications will be presented at the Fair, with something to the taste of every reader group. The centuries-long friendship between Hungarians and Poles will be recalled at meetings with the audience by, among others: István Kovács, diplomat, historian, writer, poet, and translator of Polish literature; Endre László Varga, historian dealing with Polish–Hungarian relations in the 20th century; and Csaba Gy. Kiss, political scientist, eminent expert in Central European issues, historian of culture and literature. The Fair will also be visited by György Spiró, winner of the Angelus Central European Literature Award for the novel Messiások (Messiahs; Polish edition: Mesjasze, W.A.B. 2009) and author of the bestselling novel Fogság (Captivity; Polish edition: Niewola, W.A.B. 2015), who is well-known in Poland. The visitors to the Fair probably need no encouraging to come and meet  Lajos Grendel, one of the most eminent contemporary Hungarian writers and author of the collection of short stories Vezéráldozat (Sacrificing the Queen; Polish edition: Poświęcenie hetmana, Biuro Literackie 2014). There will also be an opportunity to meet representatives of the young generation of Hungarian writers, including János Háy, whose theatre plays are published and performed a lot in Poland, and who will be presenting his new work, as well as Johanna Bodor, whose latest book will soon be published in Polish by Świat Książki (It’s OK, I Will Understand). The latest books will include Linear Bar Code by Krisztina Tóth (Polish edition: Książkowe Klimaty, maj 2016), known to Polish readers for her collection of short stories Pixel. Tekst ciała (Studio EMKA 2014), which is considered one of the most unique translations of contemporary Hungarian prose in Poland. Her works were recognized in the literary journal Literatura na Świecie 3-4/2014, as was The Hangman’s House by Andrea Tompa (Polish edition: Dom kata, Książkowe Klimaty 2016).

There will be numerous activities for children and teenagers, culinary shows, concerts and other attractions. The inauguration ceremony will involve the opening of the Hungarian Culture Year in Poland.




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