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Wednesday, 17 May

19:00–21:00 Our neighbour's image. Cultural approaches within the German-Polish relationship

Panel discussion at the invitation of the German Ambassador to Poland
With Artur Becker and Karolina Wigura
Chair: Andrzej Kaluza (Deutsches Polen-Institut)
Registration required, by 11/5/2017:

What image do the Germans and Poles have of each other? How do political or cultural contacts influence and transform that image? What role do each country’s literature and their translations play in the interwoven relationships? Three significant figures in German-Polish cultural relations discuss these and other questions.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: Ambasada Republiki Federalnej Niemiec w Warszawie, ul. Jazdów 12

Thursday, 18 May

12:00 Opening ceremony of the 8th Warsaw Book Fair and the 11th Academic and Science Book Fair ACADEMIA
Organizer: Warsaw Book Fair and ACADEMIA organizers
Place: Kanapa Literacka – main stage
14:30–15:30 “The words of every language have different eyes”

Literature Nobel laureate Herta Müller talks to Adam Krzeminski

Even before she received the Nobel Prize in 2009, more of Herta Müller’s novels had been translated into Polish than into any other language. At the time, however, the Poles still questioned who she really was, this woman from Berlin, who didn’t speak any language without an accent – was she German or Romanian? “The other country always clings to your shoes,” says Müller, who talks to Adam Krzeminski about origins and language, literature and politics, the past and the present.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: hall Barcelona
16:00–17:30 For Speech and Freedom. Opportunities and threats at times of political transition

A panel discussion with Artur Becker, Ewa Wanat, Marek Cichocki and Alexander Skipis (German Publishers and Booksellers Association) 
Chair: Gerhard Gnauck

Wherever the freedoms of the press and opinion are suppressed, democracy is in danger. What consequences does this have for a society? How can authors and journalists, in particular, deal with censorship and continue to do their job? A panel discussion on one of the most important topics of our time.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
20:00 Warsaw Book Fair Exhibitors’ Evening Gala, with singer Balbina

The 8th Warsaw Book Fair Exhibitors’ Evening Gala will take place in the Kubicki Arcades of the Royal Castle. This year’s Guest of Honour, Germany, will be present with a performance by the Warsaw-born German singer Balbina.

Invitation only

Organizer: Warsaw Book Fair organizers
Place: The Kubicki Arcades, The Royal Castle

Friday, 19 May

10:30–11:30 Full tilt, Lotta and Cheyenne!

Reading, conversation and live drawing with author Alice Pantermüller and illustrator Daniela Kohl. Age: 10 years +
Chair: Małgorzata Sroka

Lotta and her best friend Cheyenne are just two entirely normal schoolgirls. But when they’re together they have the strangest adventures. Enter Lotta’s turbulent world and let her creator tell you some exciting stories! And if you’re really lucky, you just might win an original Lotta illustration.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
11:00–12:30 Professional event: To be successful in supporting independent book stores – stories from France, Germany, and Poland

With Patrice Locmant (French Ministry of Culture), Britta Jürgs (Kurt Wolff Foundation) and Jessica Sänger (German Publishers and Booksellers Association)

Chair: Włodzimierz Albin 


A German prize for booksellers, the French label "LIR-Librairie Indépendante de Référence" and, of course, fixed book prices: in Germany and France public support for independent bookshops comes in many shapes and sizes. How can we support the diversity of the book trade? What models have proved successful? How could these be applied in Poland? Find answers to these questions, and more besides, in this panel discussion.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour, Polska Izba Książki, Instytut Francuski
Place: hall Londyn A
12:00–13:00 So how do you become a bestselling author? What you always wanted to know about writing books

A discussion with Charlotte Link, for school children aged 14 or older
Mod. Małgorzata Sroka

Charlotte Link has so far written 23 novels and crime stories, accounting for more than 26 million books sold. Where does she get her stories? How does she research the details? And does she really do nothing else all day but write? The bestselling writer answers these and other questions in a conversation with young people.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
12:30–14:00 From words to pictures. Draw your own "Lotta" comic

A creative workshop for school children aged between 10 and 12, with Daniela Kohl
Registration required, at

In this creative workshop for school children, Daniela Kohl, the illustrator of the German “Lotta” books, explains how to convert a story into a picture story and she shows how a comic works a little bit like a short film. In groups, children then develop their own comics using a Lotta idea.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: sala dla dzieci – Galeria
14:00–15:00 Architecture in Poland – From a German publisher’s point of view

A discussion with Philipp Meuser (DOM publishers) and the writers Justyna Borucka, Harald Gatermann, Hans Wolfgang Hoffmann and others

The internationally acclaimed architectural guides published by DOM take us away from the beaten tourist path. In a talk with his authors, publisher Philipp Meuser introduces the guides to the architecture of Warsaw, Gdansk and Wroclaw.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
14:00–16:00 CEO panel for publishers and booksellers - How to boost your book sales through effective team play

With Bernhard Fetsch (Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur)
Chair: Bogdan Szymanik (Bosz Publishing & Bookshops)

What conditions need to be in place for publishers and booksellers to work successfully together? What kinds of marketing model are proving successful in Germany at present? How do publishers gain new readers and bookshops new customers? Come here for advice and inspiration for your publishing business or bookshop.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: hall Londyn A
15:30–16:30 Childhood under Communism. An exchange of experiences

With André Kubiczek, Jakob Hein, Wioletta Grzegorzewska and Justyna Bargielska
Chair: Marcin Wilk 

Summer holidays in the dacha, oranges from Cuba, jeans from the West – when Poles talk to Germans who grew up in the GDR about their respective childhoods, they find much in common. What memories remain, and still have an influence even after the fall of the Berlin Wall? Four authors from Germany and Poland discuss their experiences, as well as their writing about “back then”.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
17:00–18:00 Germans and Poles. Stories of neighbours

A book presentation with Jerzy Kochanowski, Peter Oliver Loew (Deutsches Polen-Institut) and Christiane Brandau (Georg Eckert Institute)

Germans and Poles discuss their history as neighbours. The panel’s main focus will be on the five volume work of “German-Polish History”, which the Deutsche Polen-Institut (German Polish Institute) has been publishing since 2014, with the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft in Darmstadt. This event will also introduce a German-Polish schoolbook project by the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research – a Leibniz Institute.

Partner: Deutsches Polen-Institut

Chair: Andrzej Kaluza

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11

Saturday, 20 May

10:30–11:30 Full of Rabbits and other Lotta stories for the whole family

A reading and question session, with Alice Pantermüller
For children aged 8 and above
Chair: Małgorzata Sroka

Lotta has two eight-year-old blood brothers and she really loves animals. She can even charm snakes... An enjoyable reading session for large and small alike, with the author of Lotta’s diaries.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
12:00–12:30 Rabbit, Sheep or Tortoise? Drawing animals in four steps

A workshop for children and parents, with illustrator Daniela Kohl
For children aged 8 and above

You want to draw a rabbit, but it always ends up looking like a dead fish? Illustrator Daniela Kohl demonstrates some simple drawing tricks for Lotta’s favourite animals.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
13:00–13:30 Draw Lotta and Cheyenne in nine steps

A workshop for children and parents with illustrator Daniela Kohl
For children aged 8 and above

A few dots and a wavy line: that’s the face done... The Lotta’s Life illustrator, Daniela Kohl, shows us how to draw the two best friends – as easy as pie.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
13:00–14:00 Psychology of a murderer. Psychology of a victim

Charlotte Link, the queen of German crime writing, talks about her new novel “Die Betrogene” (“The Deceived”)
Chair: Adam Szaja

There is only one person whom Kate Linville, a detective with Scotland Yard, really loves: her father. When he is brutally murdered, Linville finds out that her father’s past has been a deception… Bestselling author Charlotte Link discusses the background to her novel “The Deceived”.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: Kanapa Literacka – main stage
14:00–15:30 Quo Vadis, Europa?

A panel discussion with Juri Andruchowytsch, Ulrike Guérot and Magdalena Grochowska
Chair: Jacek Żakowski

The EU is in a deep crisis, yet it remains a place of aspiration for many people. It is a pressing contemporary task to resolve this paradox and rethink Europe as a place fit for the future. A tough call, but essential if we are to avoid nationalism and war. Three authors from three countries discuss their views of the current state, as well as the future of this shared continent.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
16:00–17:00 Ladies of Crime: a German-Polish summit with Charlotte Link and Katarzyna Puzynska

Chair: Katarzyna Montgomery

Breathless tension combined with depictions of complex characters and their emotional depths – this is their speciality, the thing that all their readers admire in them. Two bestselling authors, Charlotte Link and Katarzyna Puzynska, discuss the special aspects of their genre and their own experiences of writing.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
17:00–17:55 Zamość and what followed

Ten years of edition.fotoTAPETA

Taking part: Tadeusz Rolke,  Andrzej Kopacki, Andreas Rostek

Ten years ago, edition.fotoTAPETA was founded in Berlin and Warsaw, although it also had something to do with the small Polish town of Zamość... In a talk about the first decade of this publishing house with Polish and German roots, we will hear from publisher Andreas Rostek, Warsaw-based photographer and co-founder of the compony, Tadeusz Rolke, as well as the poet Anrzej Kopacki, likewise from Warsaw. Rolke has just released his autobiography “Moja namiętność” with Agora in Warsaw, while Andrzej Kopacki’s poetry volume “Sometimes the mood changes” is included in edition.fotoTAPETA’s current programme. Kopacki will read from his book.  

Organizer: edition.fotoTAPETA
Place: Kanapa Literacka – main stage
17:30–19:00 Warszawa – Berlin. Stories of a (literary) relationship

Olaf Kühl and Paweł Dunin-Wąsowicz in conversation, with a musical ending

"German-ness” in Polish literature, and Polish elements in German literature; reciprocal inspirations; the vital attraction each city exerts on the artists and hedonists of its respective neighbour: these are the themes for two people who have been intimately involved in this long and exciting affair: publisher and author, Paweł Dunin-Wąsowicz (Warsaw), and writer, Olaf Kühl (Berlin), who has translated works by the promising young writer Dorota Masłowska, discovered by Dunin-Wąsowicz.

Organizer: Germany - Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
19:00–23:59 Literaturfest

With André Kubiczek, Artur Becker, Jakob Hein, Ulrike Draesner, Daniela Seel, Jerzy Sosnowski, Julia Fiedorczuk, Marcin Wilk, Beata Chomątowska and Wioletta Grzegorzewska
Chair: Justyna Czechowska and Michał Nogaś

Arcadia or inferno; Utopia or dystopia; houses from which we flee, and to which we return: just some of the “places” that have found resonance in literature. In this Long Night of Literature, German and Polish writers will tell us of their own places – about the living spaces and houses they’ve had to flee, and to which they returned in order to write.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour, Goethe-Institut
Place: Library, Goethe-Institut, Chmielna 13a, Warszawa

Sunday, 21 May

10:30–11:30 At the heart of the conflict

Wolfgang Bauer and Dariusz Rosiak – two war correspondents in conversation

The German journalist Wolfgang Bauer (“Crossing the Sea: With Syrians on the Exodus to Europe”) and his Polish colleague Dariusz Rosiak (“Reports from Kurdistan”) have become famous for their unflinching travel reports. Whether in Africa or the Middle East, their particular interest is for people in extreme situations. An encounter between two exceptional reporters.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11
12:00–13:00 The Diversity of German

A panel discussion with Ulrike Draesner, Deniz Utlu, Dorota Stroinska (Literarisches Colloquium Berlin) and Adam Puchejda (Kultura Liberalna)".

“The Diversity of German” – This series of events in Warsaw, in April, and the book of essays under the same title are an attempt by six German authors from different backgrounds to identify their particular positions. Ulrike Draesner, Deniz Utlu, Dorota Stroińska and Adam Puchejda present the project.

Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: stand 115/D11

Monday, 22 May

18:00 Linked by Fate - Germans, Poles, Jews

Screening of the third instalment in the German-Polish film series “The Germans and the Poles: Their history of neighbourhood” (ZDF/TVN 2016), with the director Zofia Kunert and the historian Peter Oliver Loew 

Chaired by Andrzej Kaluza

A joint event of the German Historical Institute Warsaw and the Deutsches Polen Institut in Darmstadt, in collaboration with the TV broadcaster TVN


Organizer: Germany – Guest of Honour
Place: Niemiecki Instytut Historyczny (Deutsches Historisches Institut), Aleje Ujazdowskie 39, Warszawa





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