Events and meetings during the Warsaw Book Fair


Book promotions and meetings with authors

Meetings and promotions revolving around books attended by authors and special guests. A great opportunity to hunt for autographs.


Panel discussion and literary soirees

  • Literature, reading, promotion – panel discussion on book-reading figures, the book market and promotion of contemporary literature. Experts from Hungary and Poland will be sharing their experience and good practice. Partner: Polish Chamber of Books
  • No small language – panel meeting dedicated to translators of Hungarian literature. Partner:  Literary Translators Association
  • A date with contemporary literature – presentation of what Hungarian publishers and critics can offer to their Polish colleagues. Discussions about what is worth reading, what is worth translating, what should be published. Partner: Polish Chamber of Books
  • Children’s books in Hungary – meeting with the writer and fairy tale researcher Ildikó Boldizsár.
  • Jews, Hungarians, Europeans – classics and contemporaries – meeting at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews on the occasion of the publication of the issue of Zeszyty Literackie devoted to Hungary (no. 133, “Oblicza Węgier”), The Last Inn by Imre Kertész (Polish ed.: by W.A.B) and short stories by Géza Röhrig: The Rebbeh's Featherless Parrot (Polish ed. by Austeria). Partner: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
  • Centres and peripheries – contemporary authors’ soiree – with Johanna Bodor, Andrea Tompa, Lajos Grendel and János Háy. The soiree will be followed by a concert performed by the group Gourmand. Partner: MiTo art.café.books
  • Blank pages, grey areas – historical knowledge in Poland and in Hungary – meeting dedicated to Polish historical publications about Hungary and Hungarian historical publications about Poland, about what we know and what we don’t know about our common past. A debate with the participation of Hungarian and Polish historians.
  • Madziarskie Tripy & Slam Poetry – promotion of the Hungarian performance by FA-art with artists from Hungary (István Pion, Márton Simon, Színész Bob).



  • Hungarian FolkEmbassy.

The mission of the group established in spring 2013 is to promote folk music and authentic culture of the inhabitants of the Carpathian Basin in Hungary and abroad. The project will bear fruit in the form of the record “Báthory – Bem – Balatonboglár”, dedicated to the historical ties and friendship between Hungary and Poland.

  • Gourmand

The group Gourmand combines slam poetry and contemporary poetry with elements of jazz, hip-hop and funk, to which they add a pinch of electric music. In pieces composed ‘to poetic lyrics’, casual hip hop beats meet the world of jazz harmonies and the atmosphere of film music or light musical improvisations.



  • The Pharmacy of Art Gallery – exhibition of the best contemporary Hungarian visual artists as part of the programme of the Warsaw Book Fair. Vernissage and party after the formal gala on Thursday late evening.
  • The Paul Street Boys – exhibition dedicated to the so far most popular Hungarian book in Poland: the masterpiece by Ferenc Molnár. The exhibition presents both the circumstances of the writing of the novel and other works by the author, for example his correspondence from the Galician front.
  • Imre Kinszki – Ottó Kaiser: Budapest then and now – the exhibition presents photographs by Imre Kinszki, an eminent photographer who fell in love with Budapest and who was murdered by the Nazis, and by Ottó Kaiser, one of the most well-known photographers of the Hungarian landscape.
  • What is the significance of János Háy and Fortepan – Fortepan is the largest photograph archive accessible free of charge in Hungary, which presently comprises some 70,000 photographs. From this huge collection, we have chosen a number of photographs that are related to Poland, and János Háy has written a short story inspired by them.


Programme or children

  • Playful notes – everyone can sing – musical workshops for children based on the Zoltán Kodály method.
  • Bartók and the Wooden Prince – musical theatre and puppet performance about young Bartók.
  • Dance House with the group Hungarian FolkEmbassy – a programme for the entire family. Dance and sing with eminent folk musicians.


Gastronomy, enoculture

  • The most famous Hungarian food blogger Zsófia Mautner will conduct gastronomic shows together with her Polish friend.
  • Wine tasting – no important cultural event can do without exquisite Hungarian wines. The visitors will have the opportunity to taste them and learn about their rich history in Poland.



  • Presentation of the northern capital of the Hungarian sea – Balatonfüred
  • Permanent presence of the national representation of Hungarian tourism


Gala inaugurating the Hungarian Culture Year

On 19 May, Teatr Polski im. Arnolda Szyfmana in Warsaw will host a performance of words and music directed by Csaba Káel, CEO of Müpa Budapest. It will feature eminent artists of the Hungarian musical circles as well as selected writers. Entry is invitation only.

The programme includes:

  • A concert of the string quartet Accord Quartett;
  • A performance by the world-famous Contemporary Dance Ballet from Győr;
  •  A cimbalom improvisation by Miklós Lukács;
  • A performance by the Hungarian FolkEmbassy group with Szilvia Bognár, a great Hungarian singer;
  • Music dialogues performed by Polish and Hungarian artists.







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